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Pushing the Envelope

February 7, 2020

How we use traditional methods and machinery to create envelopes

Behold – the beautiful and often under appreciated envelope! The envelope is the wrapping which sets the scene to unveil your message inside.

Much more than just a pocket, the envelope is as important as the stationery within. It should be crisp, made of the highest quality paper and folded just so.

It is for these reasons that we create all our own envelopes in-house using an unrivalled machine operated by our experienced craftsmen.

The Rolls Royce of Envelope Machines

Sitting proudly in our production studio in West London is our refurbished Winkler & Dunnebier envelope maker, built in Germany in 1977. Comprising sturdy hardware and components, she weighs over 7 tonnes and is built to last a lifetime.

Our machine produces envelopes unlike any machine today with very few stationers still operating anything even close to the Winkler & Dunnebier. Our heritage machine produces outstanding heavy paper stock envelopes and allows for flexibility of size and materials.

Today, there are many standard envelope options available; however, this machine can produce almost any custom shape, colour and style for our clients. Furthermore, her impressive speed means she can neatly fold, press and glue over 20,000 envelopes per hour!

The envelope is an opportunity to impress and introduce your brand and message inside. It is an important accompaniment to any bespoke invitation or ready-to-write card and thus we produce our envelopes with the utmost care and consideration.

To speak to us about your bespoke printing requirements, please get in touch

Shop our envelopes

6.5 x 4.25 Kings Pure White Envelope
Box of 25


6.5 x 4.25 Kings Azure Blue Envelope
Box of 25

All our envelopes are handcrafted in London and presented in an elegant box which is also manufactured in-house.

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