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March 8, 2018

We have been making some rather big changes here at Mount Street Printers. Our shop has existed in Mayfair for just over 37 years now, and ever since the inception of our company in 1981, we have slowly been adding to an ever-growing workforce of mechanical wonders.
Our die-stamping presses have served us for decades, and since their initial manufacture more than 60 years ago, they have continued to create the most beautifully delicate engraving in all our printed stationery.
As well as our invaluable lithographic and digital presses which have allowed us to create a plethora of printed pieces that demand attention – we have now added the final piece to the printed puzzle.
Letterpress is a method that has changed considerably over the past 10-15 years, from a print that was traditionally a flat, ‘kiss’ impression to a contemporary crisp bite. Leaving a beautiful tactile finish, elegant and impressive in its nature.
At our new print works in Acton, we recently saw the arrival of a machine whose presence cannot be ignored and which holds every possibility in contemporary letterpress printing.
We now hold firmly on our floors, two 13″x18″ Heidelberg platens (set up to print foil, and for die-cutting), one 10″x15″ Heidelberg platen for ink alone – and our latest addition, a beautiful fully refurbished SBG-line Heidelberg Cylinder from 1967.
The cylinder is a dream of many letterpress printers, and it’s capabilities are seemingly endless – with the ability to print and also die cut just over A2 size, it’s one of the largest letterpress machines available.
With the bigger sheet size, and capability to print up to 540gsm – it stands high on our list of valued machinery at Mount Street Printers.
With this new addition to the family, we are able to reduce the costs of larger print runs and print bigger sheet sizes – whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality.

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